Workers in highs school find purse student lost in 1954, only to see letters inside they can’t ignore

When it comes to large-scale construction projects – those that entail a lot of digging up of the earth – one simply never knows what they might find.

Just ask a construction crew from Indiana, who were in the process of demolishing an old high school to clear space.

While going about their duties, the crew found a purse that belonged to a student who had attended the school almost 70 years ago! What’s more, there were objects inside the purse that offered a window into the past simply too intriguing for the school district not to share on social media.

The world today is an entirely different place to the one of 1954, but some values will never change …

After the purse was discovered in the high school’s old science building, Greater Clark County Schools shared a post on Facebook in the hope of reuniting it with its former owner, Martha “Marty” Ingham.

The post read: “Lost and Found Alert: Martha Ina Ingham’s handbag from 1954 has been found in the Franklin Square demolition. We would love to return it to her or her family!”

Above all else, those who had discovered the purse were excited to see what was inside. After all, what could be more interesting than examining the belongings of someone who was young 70 years ago?

Within the purse they found a couple of handwritten letters, a tube of lipstick, a basketball schedule and – perhaps best of all – a note from a boy asking Marty to the prom.

Of course, the lipstick and schedule were both interesting in their own right, but it was a love-triangle that surfaced in the letters that really made the find worthwhile. One of them, addressed to Marty from a boy named Carter, seems to suggest that Marty was one popular girl when it came to the boys.

“Dear Marty,” he writes, “Bobbie and I aren’t going back together, I’m just continuing to walk her to classes. She asked me if I would and I told her that I would. But I am just trying to be friends with everybody. And I decided to start on the girls that I have done wrong. Is there anything wrong with that? I am just going to date everybody and be friends with everybody. I figure that’s the least I can do.”

Carter then went on to make a joke about another possible love interest of Marty, stating: “Paul is an alright guy. But you’ll never catch him, he runs too fast. Ha ha!”

Then there was a second letter, one that further thickened this high school plot. It’s from a guy named Jordy, who himself asks Marty to the prom.

“Dear Marty, I’ve heard that Paul has asked you to go to the prom with him – if he hasn’t, I would like very much to take you. P.S. If you have already consented to go with Paul please forget that I have asked. If he has asked but you haven’t consented yet please consider my invitation.”

The unveiling

Quite the feeling of suspense, we’re sure you’ll agree. Well, fortunately, Marty was eventually tracked down in real life, and gave a definitive answer as to who she went to the prom with.

Speaking to the News Tribune, the school district’s public information offer, Erin Bojorquez, said: “A family member came across our post and then shared it with [her] youngest son. I’m thrilled I was able to connect with Marty’s family.”

Marty, now in her 80s, revealed that it was Carter she chose as her prom date – yes, the very same who wanted to be friends with all the girls.

Marty still lives in the area, as it happens, and it’s the school’s plan to reunite her with her old purse.

Watch more on Martha’s story in the video below:

It’s often easy to forget that our elders were once sprightly youngsters too, full of hopes, ambitions and mischiefs.

Getting a glimpse into the past via something as simple as a purse really is a fascinating experience, and one we’re thankful to Martha for!

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