Woman Drops Her Phone On The Carpet And People Are Losing It Trying To Spot It In Photo

Time to get your eyes ready.

Now, talk about some seriously trippy photo.

Over the weekend, a picture was put online as a sort of optical illusion and it is definitely something that you just have to see for yourself to believe. This photo here went viral on Facebook, and it shows nothing but a carpet.

Safe to say, it blew every single person’s mind away.

The insane, highly controversial picture is one of a carpet with a single table (colored white). However, you might want to take a much closer look at the picture because there appears to be something else there that you might not take note of at first glance.

The viral picture was shred on the Facebook page of Heather Rooney, who works as a DJ on “The Morning After” sow on 98.9 The Beat in Fort Wayne, Ind. With the picture, she put the following caption, “This right here seems to be the latest thing to drive almost every single person on the Internet completely crazy. A woman appears to have dropped her mobile phone on the rug. Let’s see if you will be able to see where the mobile phone landed”

So we throw the challenge over to you. Will it be possible for you to see where the picture landed?

Take a few minutes to check it out and see how well you do for yourself (If you have been looking at it for so long and you still haven’t seen anything resembling a phone, then don’t worry. It’s not like there’s anything going wrong with your eyes or your brain. A lot of people were also unable to see it for the first few minutes. However, one thing is certain; the phone is there on the carpet. You just need to look hard enough and you’ll definitely see it)

So a few minutes have passed. Have you seen it yet?

If you have, then congratulations. It would seem like you have some seriously strong eyes.

However, if you haven’t, you might need a little bit of a hint to help you out.

So here it is;
Just check out the corner on the upper right hand side of the picture. Yeah, right next to the leg of the table just look there and you will be able to see the back of the case quite easily.

As soon as you find it, it will actually be quite difficult for you to un-see it.

Optical illusions have always proved to be a worthy source of amusement (and more often than not, some awesome arguments as well) for people on the Internet. These illusions play on the assumption that there are certain patterns that are very difficult for the eyes to notice, and this is how people create them. A lot of people end up being able to see through optical illusions if they get the discipline (and quality of eyes) to look long and hard enough, while some people decide to just give up and assume that there is nothing there. Most of the latter even go as far as going online to tell people what they believe.

It is these two differing opinions that get argued for days on end.

One thing is sure, though; optical illusions are definitely fun to crack.