When The Farmer Said He Needed To Cross Thousands Of Ducks Across The Street, I Took Out My Camera

It’s not every day that you get to sit by and watch a parade walk past. But that’s exactly what happened to a group of unsuspecting Chinese motorists. While they were going about their commute, a farmer suddenly walked out into the middle the street on a mission. And he needed everyone to respect him. The farmer was leading a parade with thousands of participants – but he was the only human in the march.

As you’ll see in the shocking video at the bottom of this story, the farmer led a group of thousands of ducks along a busy street in China. Instead of being upset about the parade of ducks, the motorists were happy to see such a cute scene unfolding before them. And that’s when people started taking out their cameras to take video and pictures of the amazing sight. It’s not every day that you get to see a parade up close, especially a parade of ducks on the street.

The farmer and owner of the ducks knew exactly how to keep them in line. With a long stick, he is able to keep them in a flock as they navigate the pavement. With the stick, he makes sure the ducks stay in a large swarm that looks unbelievable. People are in awe of how much control the man has over the flock of adorable ducks.

After the moment passed, one person who snapped video footage of the incredible event shared it on the internet. No one should be surprised that it went viral almost immediately. People love seeing ducks like this.

A viewer named Ricky shared in response: “Look at these little creatures, even they have a common traffic sense which we humans lack. We need to learn it from them.”

Brenda Bravo added, “Amazing birds, look how well disciplined they are. They have a lot to teach us.”

Readers on Daily Mail also had a lot to say about this swarm of ducks stopping traffic in China.

The video is remarkable because the never-ending line of ducks just continues to pass through the street. People are watching in awe as the man navigates the birds using the long stick. They are very well behaved given that they could simply fly away if they needed to do so.

Readers on Daily Mail were also impressed with the flock of ducks walking along the street.

“I needed to see a cheery story today.”

“That’s what you called good parenting. Lol”

Some people pointed out that it is likely that the ducks are being walked to the market so they can be sold as food. And that is a sad thought given how cute these birds are.

“Ducks are beautiful, not my fault they are going for slaughter, wish they weren’t, but I don’t rule the world.”

“Cheery? All those ducks, will be KILLED, to please market buyers (meat eaters), so they can EAT them. NOT ‘cheery.’”

What do you think about this footage of ducks? Are you impressed with how organized they are?