She Was The World’s Biggest Heartthrob In The 80s, But Now I Wouldn’t Even Recognize Her

Back in the 1980s, fans were falling head over heels in love with this actress. She was the Hollywood star to beat and seemed to have it all. Good looks. Movie stardom and success. But now she seems to have lost her mojo as InTouch Weekly made dastardly claims that she washes her body with Clorox wipes and speaks “in voices” that left observers of her bizarre behavior in utter shock.

Who is this celebrity that has fallen from grace? Heather Locklear.

The incident, which occurred on November 18, resulted in Locklear’s detainment in a Los Angeles-area psychiatric institution. Now she is on “hold” to protect her from engaging in more destructive and bizarre behavior.

Police intervened during a fight between Locklear and her boyfriend, Chris Heisser in mid-November. And when they arrived at the residence, they not only found it in utter disarray, they discovered secrets that Locklear had been hiding from the public for some time.

Heather Locklear was a blonde bombshell back in the 1980s. She made successful and popular appearances on television shows including Dynasty, TJK Hooker, Spin City, and Melrose Place. If you turned on a television during the decade, you were bound to see Locklear.

On Wednesday, InTouch Weekly released all the juicy details about how Locklear was behaving in her Thousand Oaks mansion before she was placed on a “5150 hold.”

Allegedly, Locklear, a mother of one, hoarded a plethora of brand-new clothes. She was weirdly obsessive about her collection and also talked in strange voices. Not only are these behaviors enough to warrant attention, Locklear allegedly washed her body with Clorox bleach wipes so she could really feel clean.

One source broke the story to the gossip magazine. According to the source, Locklear’s friends can no longer trust her because they fear that she will kill them.

“Friends think she has a mental illness. She threatens suicide, but the bigger worry is killing someone else.”

Besides the threats of suicide and the looming danger of her hurting another person, the source claimed that Locklear often talks fondly of loving God and her eagerness to return “home” to heaven.

The source also explained that Locklear has a severe problem with alcohol.

“If Heather doesn’t stop drinking she is going to die. She has to get better. This is her last shot.”

Because the famous actress of the 1980s is deteriorating both physically and mentally, the InTouch Weekly source worries that she won’t be around in the coming years.

Although Locklear seems to be suffering from depression, the source also describes the 80s bombshell has suffered from uncontrollable and murderous rage. The source claims she often takes it out on her boyfriend, Chris.

“Heather berates him, and he takes it. She yells at him, ‘I don’t care about you?’”

Besides her abusive behavior, Locklear also has “boxes and racks of new clothes, shoes, unworn and unpacked stuff, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. All have new tags.”

As the source said, “It’s worse than anyone knows.”

What do you think this shocking revelation about Heather Locklear means for the actress’s future?