Mom Sells Stillborn Baby’s Crib, Man Who Bought It Returns Days Later And Says “Look In My Trunk”

Few things in life hurt more than losing a child. It is a kind of pain that tears through the mother, so antagonizing and real that one can almost touch it. One feels like the world has shattered at their feet and there is no reason to keep on living.

This is because a mother shares a powerful bond with her baby, and from the moment the child is born, their paths become intertwined. The mother’s life is no longer hers alone, it is hers, and her baby’s too.

When Valerie Watts from Cokato realized that she was pregnant, she was more than thrilled. He was her chance to raise her family and be a mother, a gift that does not come as easily as people think. The young woman could hardly contain her joy throughout her pregnancy, and she endured all the morning sicknesses gladly.

All she wanted was to become a mom, and the protective instinct for her baby was already taking over. Week by week, she watched the baby bump grow, and she drew closer to meeting her son.

As she waited for the delivery day, Valerie went out on not one but many shopping sprees for her unborn son. She decorated his bedroom and bought cute little pants and shoes for him. She searched and searched for days until she found the perfect crib for him.

The kicks were coming, and she marveled at how jumpy her little Noah was. A few weeks before birth, however, the kicks stopped, and she started getting worried.

When she visited her doctor to report the condition, tests were conducted, and the results shattered her. Her son had died in her womb. She gave birth to him and a tearful moment followed as she held her lifeless son and cried. This had to be the saddest moment anyone in that room had ever witnessed.

Valerie mourned her son for almost a year. She was simply not ready to let go. Every day she would wake up and see the little bedroom with the tiny crib she had bought him, and she would burst into tears. It was a sad period, but after some time, the young mother decided that it was time to let go of all the things she had bought Noah.

She arranged a yard sale, and people came to buy the items she was selling. She was not quite ready to let go of the crib, but she knew she had to sell it. One Gerald and his wife were passing nearby when they heard of the sale. The man loved woodwork, and when he saw the crib, he knew that it would be perfect for his work.

Gerald’s wife had a little chat with Valerie, and she found out that all the items that Valerie was selling were unused since her son had passed away. When she told her husband, he knew that the crib had to go back. Gerald remolded it into a beautiful chair and sent it back to Valerie, hoping that it would help ease the pain of her loss.

Valerie was astounded. She thanked Gerald profoundly and placed the seat close to the other memorabilia. With the help of people like Gerald and his wife, she knew that she would be okay.