Mom leaves her baby with a teenager for a while: Moments later she gets a picture and breaks down

Any mother who’s had a child knows how good it is to get a bit of peace now and again, even though you might want to spend every waking hour with your baby.

In order to take things off their mind parents do require a break for a short time, although it means you have to leave your baby in the capable hands of another.

In these kinds of instances, being with another family member is the safest place, at least one would hope.

Claudia Sorhaindo had to leave her house one day so she opted for that particular approach, entrusting her daughter Ava in the care of her 15-year-old niece J’Ann.

J’Ann sent Claudia a photo while she was watching Ava, a few moments after she left and the photo has gone viral online since.

Claudia Sorhaindo and her daughter Ava who live in Florida.

Claudia had errands to take care of, so like all other moms, she had to leave for a period of time.

On these occasions, she would leave her daughter with a reliable 15-year-old niece J’Ann to look after Ava.

Claudia received a message one day when J’Ann was taking care of her daughter.

No sooner had she left the house she received the infamous picture, where she admits she struggled to contain her laughter.

Hungry J’Ann had decided she wanted to make a sandwich, only problem was, she didn’t want Ava to be out of her sight.

Finally, she came to a conclusion, something that was both inventive and funny.

As she stuffed the little girl into her pants – she took a snapshot of the unimpressed baby and sent it to Claudia.

Claudia, decided to share the image on Facebook as she found the picture hilarious.

This resulted in J’Ann’s photo going viral.

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