Horse Struggles to Stand Still in Pickup Truck While Traveling Down Highway

A horse who was spotted in the back of a pickup truck while it was moving 70 mph down U.S.-59 in Corrigan, Texas is doing just fine, police said.

Kerry Green Costello says she was driving down US-59 when she spotted the animal struggling to stand up as the truck traveled down the highway at high speed.

“Only In Texas,” Costello wrote on her Facebook account. “This horse is either very well trained or scared to death. We passed this truck hey 59, past Lufkin. I’m all for a go fund me account for the horse so we can get a proper trailer. Lol”

Police caught up with the driver, but say they didn’t write a citation because there was nothing technically illegal about the way the horse was being transported.

The driver was reportedly on his way to work at the Stockyards and was forced to use the back of his pickup because the truck that normally pulls a horse trailer wouldn’t start up.

Police say the extremely well-trained horse worth $15,000 is safe and secure at the Stockyards.