He Spots Cow Acting Strangely, Realizes That It’s A Cry For Help So He Steps Into Action

Canadians love the beauty of their place. It is very interesting with a large land mass and a low population density. A huge part of the country is devoted to Northlands and farming districts. People here love to go for a drive and appreciate their land, just like Dave for example

Dave was driving through Millbrook Ontario. This is a tiny town with a population of only 8,000 people. While driving, he noticed an heard of brown cows, cooling off from the heat. Dave is an animal lover so he decided to make a stop for a while and film the herd. He turned his camera and noticed something odd. He captured on video a cow named “Flo” who is acting very strange.

She is standing near an electric fence, digging at the ground and mooing in distress! At first, Dave was confused and had no idea why the mother cow is acting this way. For five minutes, the huge cow is just pacing back and forth. Then, he realized Flo needs help. Dave walks over to inspect and this is when he noticed a trapped baby calf.

Dave explains in his video that Flo had delivered the baby calf beside the electric fence. It slipped down the slope and went right under the fence. It was clear that the calf had been lying helplessly in the hot sun and is in desperate need of milk. Dave knew that he had to do something to save it. However, he was worried that Flo would get angry the moment he touched the calf. Dave did not want to upset her or cause this heifer to charge.

He slowly approaches the calf and grabs a stick to slightly raise the electric wire. He needs to make sure that the baby is safely squeezed back under the fence without hurting it. Despite his fear, Dave slowly nudges the calf and as he works, Flo seems anxious. She is starting to paw the ground more furiously and letting out moos. Both Dave and the calf are getting shocked by the fence but the calf never cried that would’ve upset the mom.

A little bit of pushing and Dave was able to successfully save the calf’s life. After he made sure that the calf is safely reunited with its mom, he alerted the owners immediately. They checked the calf and tagged it. While Dave is still recording, it seems that the calf and Flo recognized him. They approached him as if saying “thank you” in their own way.

The video has been uploaded on YouTube and Dave’s amazing rescue went viral! It has been viewed over 4 million times and he viewers loved how Dave helplessly saved the baby. It could have scared him knowing that the mother can charge and purposely hurt him, but he didn’t. He made sure that the calf is safe and back into his mother’s care.

Animals are smart and Flo knew that Dave is not going to hurt her baby. She was anxious at first but the moment she saw what Dave is trying to do, she lets their human savior help them. Dave was just in the right place at the right time. Dave is surely a hero, and the calf knows it!