Everyone Was Singing Happy Birthday To Dad, But Watch The Baby On The Right When The Candles Go Out

Being a parent takes a lot of work. Raising a kid the right way is one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do. But if you can pull it off and succeed, there’s nothing like seeing your child do amazing in life. Kids never seem to understand just how much their parents sacrifice and work to give them everything in the world.

Danielle and Adam Busby decided they were ready for their first child just a few years ago. At first, things seemed to be going great but as time went on, something became clear. It was not going to be easy for them to get pregnant, no matter how desperately they tried.

Danielle started fertility treatments soon after telling a doctor about their struggles. The treatments worked incredibly well and soon she was pregnant with their first daughter. They decided to name her Blayke, and she only made them want even more kids!

They were very familiar with their past fertility issues, so this time Danielle went straight to fertility treatments. They went with the same ones as the last time due to their almost immediate success.

This choice ended up changing their lives even more than they imagined! Danielle became pregnant with not one, but five more babies – quintuplets. Every last one of them was a girl too!

Soon, the family started building their own Youtube channel and sharing their incredible story with the world. This was seen by a producer at TLC, and soon Danielle, Adam, and their crazy family had their own show to star in.

Despite their newfound fame, the family still made time to share the more intimate aspects of their life as well. Adam recently celebrated a birthday, so they posted a video of the celebration on Youtube.

The family chorus sings their much-loved father a rowdy rendition of “Happy Birthday,” and soon it was time to blow out the candles. Adam took in a big breath, moved closer to the table, and suddenly something happened completely out of the blue!

Adam swiftly blows out all the candles with his impressive lung power. There is silence for a few seconds. Suddenly, one of his baby daughters to his right starts screaming and crying. Apparently, she was rather fond of the candles and didn’t like the way daddy was treating them.

This inevitably leads to more crying, and then the other babies start crying, and suddenly his birthday celebration is looking more like a funeral. Adam is a great dad though so he knows how to make the best of it!

This adorable family stars in OutDaughtered on TLC where you can see even more of their shenanigans! For a personal look at the family, follow them on Youtube too.

Birthday parties don’t always go as planned but they are almost never as tear-filled as this. These babies can’t help it though, they were just enjoying the pretty lights!

Check out the clip below and let us know what you think of her adorable little outburst in the comments!